DS17 is a new breed of creative agency with one goal in mind, to be new. We're here to be a fresh pair of eyes on design. We don't like labels or limits, we don't restrict our work to traditional design. DS17 is a creative melting pot, coming up with ideas that work, coming up with new mediums to work into them.

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our vision is to transform the world of the cost consultant into a global business partner.
design creates culture. culture shapes values. values determine the future.
no design works unless it embodies ideas that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended.
design must seduce, shape, and more importantly evoke an emotional response.
design is not just what something looks like and feels like. design is how it works.
truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.
the most important thing about design is how it relates to people.




© DS17



© beta bar / DS17 – betabarsydney.com.au    

net light


nour seafood

© caroline mccredie / nour sydney





Stone Wall

© alpha restaurant / DS17 – alpharestaurant.com.au

Painted Woman

© lotus / DS17 – lotusrestaurant.com.au

Alpha Columns

© alpha restaurant / DS17 – alpharestaurant.com.au

stacked tile

© DS17

Bicycle Carriage

© kenneth cobonpue – kennethcobonpue.com

twine wrap

shapes and shadows

© veloce international / DS17

lotus table

© lotus / DS17 – lotusdining.com.au

nour reception

© Nour

living space


Steampunk Table

© crank furniture - crankfurniture.com.au

ww chair

© H Furniture, WW Chair

Veloce Wall

© veloce espresso / DS17 – sydneyairport.com.au

bathroom gate

© chu the phat / DS17

timber tables

© Annabel Kutucu - http://annabellkutucu.com/

Golden Globes

© lee broom – leebroom.com

Rustic Ladder

© san giorgio –


© lenzo - www.lenzo.com.au